Broadband Products & Test

Radiodetection has created the 1205CXB Metallic Cable Analyzer TDR to make finding cable faults quick and easy.

The ultra-clean, low noise signal in tandem with the large color display combine with having all the TDR controls on-screen, at your fingertips, to provide one of the easiest to use instruments in the industry.

  • 1205CXB™ Cable Analyzer/Fault Finder

  • 180 DSP™ Signal Level Meter

  • 360 DSP™ Home Certification Meter

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    Broadband Products & Test

  • Cable IQ Qualification Tester

    CableIQ Qualification Tester

  • Certifier10G

  • Certifier40G

  • DSP TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Fluke Networks

    IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe

  • Lexxi T1660 Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Manufacturers / Eagle Comtronics

  • Microscanner2

    MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier

  • OneExpert DSP (ONX-220)

  • OneExpert™ CATV Sweep and Plant Maintenance

  • Riser Bond Model 1205CX-A CATV TDR