360 DSP™ Home Certification Meter

Advanced Home Certification capabilities simplify installation and troubleshooting for needs fulfillment, ideal for standardizing processes

Trilithic’s 360 DSP™ is the first meter designed specifically to simplify Home Certifications. Built from the ground up, tailored specifically for the needs of fulfillment, this meter is ideal for standardizing processes and procedures for installation and troubleshooting—and includes a price point that makes it feasible for system operators to outfit their entire fleet.

Tailored for the challenges faced by installers, contractors and service techs, this go-to next-gen meter comes equipped with all of the powerful troubleshooting tools for the advanced tech, yet helps simplify decision making and streamline standard processes and procedures for the more novice tech. This improves tech efficiencies, the overall health of the entire system, and allows techs to grow with the meter.

StrataSync helps service providers increase operational efficiency by empowering their assets to tackle the major operational challenges of network testing in an efficient and effective manner. StrataSync provides automated asset management, configuration management, and test-data management of Viavi instruments as well as asset tracking of non-Viavi instruments.

Next Generation Features

The 360 DSP features an intuitive color touch screen interface, simple pass/fail indicators, and simple apps to streamline certification and make the installer’s job easier.

Everything about this next-gen meter was built with the technician in mind, from the longest battery life and quickest charge time of any installation meter to its unique built-in LED flashlight and glow in the dark keypad for those dark cramped spaces.


• Advanced Home Certification Capabilities Simplify Installation and Troubleshooting
• Intuitive Color Touch Screen with Simple Pass/ Fail Indicators Reduce Installer Entry Errors and Improves Decision Making
• Next-Generation Auto Test Apps Streamline Certification
• Convenient Multiple Standard Tests in a Single Auto Test App Helps to Standardize Tech Processes & Procedures
• Powerful Troubleshooting Tools Improve the Overall Health of the System

Comprehensive Testing

The 360 DSP makes Home Certification a breeze for technicians at all levels including installation, service, and contractor. Techs will appreciate the advantages of a quick and efficient device at their disposal that features a flexible and easy-to-operate interface that is inspired by modern smart devices.

This next gen fulfillment tool comes equipped with powerful troubleshooting tools and simplified Autotest Apps to perform triple play tests, set Home Certifications standards and measure both Analog and Digital signals. With its built-in CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4) Modem, Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications capabilities, all testing results can be easily forwarded to ViewPoint in the back office in near real-time.

Simple Yet Powerful

Providing the widest range of functions for an installer available today (as standard options), the 360 DSP includes virtually all the testing options an installer or service technician needs to verify service quality and easily identify and fix problems in the field.
• Multi-user support
• Multi-language support
• Create work orders right on the meter
• Built-in web browser, real-time data transmission
• Interactive home certification process

Total System Management

Combining the 360 DSP meter in the field with the new ViewPoint Integrated Server in the back office, managers now have simplified access to intelligent management tools for monitoring, assessing and improving the efficiency of their total operation while making it even easier to obtain consistent, repeatable results that give supervisors that birds-eye view of the field for Total System Management.

By unifying an entire MSO’s field operations in one convenient dashboard, managers can easily verify compliance and quality throughout the entire plant, either by home, system, region, division or any other attribute from a billing system.

This simple and completely customizable integrated system of field analysis and reporting tools allows managers to watch over their entire field operations in one convenient dashboard that compares each location in the system, analyzes the overall health of their entire organization and addresses concerns in near real-time.

Standard Interfaces

• RF Test Ports (2) (F-Type)

• DOCSIS 3.0 modem 8×4 (100/304 Mbps)

• RJ45 Management Port (10/100 Mbps)

• Cable Modem Thru RJ45

• 802.11 “b/g” 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (Up to 60 Mbps)

• USB 2.0 Flash Drive Port

Standard Interfaces Features

• Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz)

• Level Measurement

• C/N Measurement

• QAM Measurement (MER/BER/Constellation/EQ)

• Complete Channel Plan Scan with Tilt Measurement

• Ping, Traceroute, VoIP & Throughput Measurements

• Cable Modem Statistics

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