Lexxi T1660 Time Domain Reflectometer

High-resolution hand-held cable tester for first responders

The Lexxi T1660 brings a combination of performance and usability that allows first responders to fault-find cables with minimal training. The great value pricing allows team leaders in telecom, CATV, power and other industries to equip more technicians, resulting in quicker response times.

The Lexxi T1660 metallic cable analyzer offers 1% distance accuracy, a huge 6km range and a large, high-resolution color display – all at a significantly lower price than its predecessors.

This TDR is suitable for analysing all metallic cables consisting of at least two metallic elements, one of which can be the armouring or the screen. Cable types include CATV, twisted pair telecom, Ethernet and even LV power cables.

Uses include many forms of cable analysis:

• Locating opens, shorts and partials in a cable;
• Measuring and verifying new or partial cable reels;
• Mapping cable networks and their condition;
• Verifying cable installations prior to acceptance;
• Detecting cable theft;
• Finding in-line components;
• Locating bridged taps and load coils.

Large, easy to read color display presents battery state, launch pulse, reflected pulse, distance to fault, VoP, output impedance, display range, and gain setting.

Modules for twisted pair, coaxial and power cables allow the Lexxi T1660 to find faults in wide ranging applications, even on live, 3-phase mains cables.

Lexxi T1660 is simple to use, with just 6 control buttons and an easy to follow menu to set your preferences.


• Large, color display
• 1% fault location accuracy
• 0.5m dead zone
• 6km, 19000’ maximum range
• 7m, 23’ minimum display range
• 11 range settings
• Operates from Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries
• 12 hours typical battery life time (alkaline)
• User selectable Power Down time
• Selectable cable impedance
• VoP adjustable from 1% to 99%
• 100Ω Twisted Pair Alligator Clip cables included as standard

• Optional modules, including Category IV mains Blocking Filter, for twisted pair, coaxial and power cable use make the Lexxi T1660 suitable for multiple industries and applications

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