1205CXB™ Cable Analyzer/Fault Finder

TDR Time Domain Reflectometer / Network Analysis / Cable Test

Radiodetection has created the 1205CXB Metallic Cable Analyzer TDR to make finding cable faults quick and easy.

The ultra-clean, low noise signal in tandem with the large color display combine with having all the TDR controls on-screen, at your fingertips, to provide one of the easiest to use instruments in the industry.

Features / Key Benefits

Easy to use

  • all TDR functions available at the top level, no additional screens or menus to search through
  • quick and effective tool for new and experienced users alike
  • minimizes training, reducing time and costs

Ultra-clean, low noise signals

• spot cable issues clearly without having to hunt through the noise

Automatic scanning

  • let the 1205CXB find the faults for you
  • you can set the threshold of the seriousness of the problem for the 1205CXB to find

Automatic and manual cursor placement functions

  • two independent cursors – the distance between cursors is automatically calculated as their placement changes giving straightforward positioning of problems

Automatic dBRL calculation

  • eliminates the need to calculate impedance changes in a cable visually and/or manually, saving you time finding the most serious faults

Multipurpose USB Port

  • Advanced connectivity USB port, making it easy to view and export your data, and to charge the battery

Waveforms storage options and flexibility

  • Choose whether to save waveforms to USB memory stick or to on-board memory
  • On-board storage location can be short-term, volatile RAM, or permanent Flash memory
  • Save your waveforms to USB stick as bmp image or as btr files, that are compatible with Radiodetection’s easily configurable WaveView™ PC software, or both, to provide multiple options for your reports, work orders etc

Cables don’t have to be cables

  • Use the 1205CXB to analyze a huge variety of different cable types – coax, twisted pair, aerial, low voltage power and others

    Also use them in applications where a change, such as a water leak, impacts the VOP between 2 conductors

Used in all phases of a cabling system’s life

  • Construction, maintenance, fault finding and restoration
  • to locate:
  • opens and shorts
  • illegal taps
  • splitters
  • loose or rusty connectors
  • water in the cable
  • to measure cable length, including stock control
  • and much, much more

WaveView™ PC software

Understand and report your analysis with WaveView

Radiodetection’s WaveView™ 3.0 PC program lets you examine and interpret on-site waveforms in unprecedented detail, and to generate reports for your client and office.

Pan and zoom to scrutinize every detail of the waveform to pinpoint and diagnose cable faults. Add notes, assess Return Loss (dBRL) figures and even correct mistakes such as VOP errors made on site.

A Open, view and close other waveforms with ease

B Easy access to stored waveforms

C Large window to examine waveforms

D Move cursors independently to measure distance between cable features

E Quickly switch between Imperial and Metric

F dBRL measurements at both cursors shown for enhanced fault assessment

G Distance between cursors

H View and amend VOP if required

I Add notes, actions and other details as required

WaveView also gives you the option to print a 1 page report containing all the important information. You can send this to your client for proof of work, for example, and to the office for processing next steps.

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