Optical Handheld Instruments & Tools

The need for fast Mid-Span Access to the fiber cable core is very important for the rapid growing FTTx market. The CS201 is a tool which can perform mid span sheath stripping reliably, easily, and safely.

  • CS201 Cable Sheath Stripper

  • Essential Fiber Optic Testing Tools for Every Technician

  • Fitel ID-H/R

    ID-H/R v3 Optical Fiber Identifier

  • NSC-100 Network and Service Companion

  • NSC-200 Network and Service Companion

  • OFR15A Optical Fiber Ranger

  • OM 100A Series Power Meter

    OM100A Series Power Meters

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    Optical Handheld Instruments & Tools

  • Optical Handhelds for Essential Fiber Testing

  • S211B Fiber Stripper

    S211B Fiber Stripper

  • S218R Thermal Stripper

    S218R Thermal Stripper

  • S220A Fiber Separator / Deribbonizer

    S220A Fiber Separator / Deribbonizer

  • S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

    S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

  • S315 Single Fiber Field Cleaver

    S315 Single Fiber Field Cleaver

  • S326 Hand-Held Precision Cleaver

    S326 Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver

  • VFL-650 Visible Fault Locator

  • WPM-18 Wavelength Power Meter for CWDM-Demux