ID-H/R v3 Optical Fiber Identifier

Advanced, compact and simple to operate the new FITEL Fiber Identifier offers enhanced fiber detection.

The ID-H/R v3 Optical Fiber Identifier is a lightweight, hand-held, easy-to-use fiber optic test device that enables you to safely and effectively identify transmission direction, fiber path and relative core power on live optical fibers.


• Improved traffic direction recognition, even in brightly lit environments. 10 times increased sensitivity.
• Enhanced sensitivity using the light receiving adjustment function.
• The increased display functionality shows the communication light intensity in the optical fiber.
• G657 A2 optical fiber (ITU R7.5) can also be identified.
• The device does not require head changes or adjustments.
• Wide dynamic range.
• The brighter LED display provides improved clarity.
• Super low insertion loss.

Example of Application

ID-H/R demo

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