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Microduct application solutions for a versatile, scalable telecom network

KNET Blulight™ Microduct offers a broad range of products to meet the many different deployment scenarios facing global telecom carriers. The products are designed to enable carriers to bring fiber optic service to business and residential customers with greater speed and efficiency while dramatically reducing carrier deployment costs and disruption to existing roadways and landscaping.

Advantages of Microduct

• Microduct products are easily and quickly installed in direct buried applications using minimally invasive micro-trenching equipment.

• Microduct pathways offer superior mechanical and environmental protection for lightweight microfiber optical cables, which can be easily installed using various air blowing techniques, or traditional cable pulling and/or pushing methods.

• Microduct pathway systems offer telecom carriers increased flexibility due to the ease at which service laterals and drops can be reconfigured and installed as customer demand increases.

• KNET’s small diameter microduct products are offered in a wide variety of configurations including the option to install microduct pathways into existing occupied conduits. Additional fiber cables can be placed at a later time as the demand for additional capacity increases, and cables are easily removed and replaced with high density, higher fiber count cables.

• KNET’s Indoor microduct products provide safe, flexible, lightweight, durable and easy to-install pathways to deploy bare fiber and microfiber cables inside a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and commercial building.

Products / Microduct Applications

Direct Bury Application

Requires excavation either by trenching, the most common method for telecommunication cables and pipes, or HDD method.

Direct Install Application

Best installation solution inside existing duct or subduct, increasing availability of cabling infrastructure by dividing into many smaller tubes.

Indoor Application

Requires best quality ducting pipe that can provide safety to the building, meeting municipality and national authority standards and regulations on fire.

Special Microduct

To meet special conditions, requirements or efficiencies for network distribution: last mile, ruggedized, pre-installed fiber, aerial duct.


Fiber connectors, couplers, direct buried couplers, gas block couplers, transition couplers, branch closures, cutter tools.

Microduct Installation Tool Kit

7 special Microduct Installation tools in a lightweight aluminum bodied case, designed for cutting, branching and termination efficiency at the installation site.

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