Direct Bury Microduct Application

Installation requires excavation either by trenching or HDD method.

Direct Bury Application requires excavation either by trenching or HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) method. The microduct can be directly deployed on the ground surface without any additional ducting pipe needed. Open trenching method is the most common excavation for telecommunication cables and pipes.

In mini trenching, the mechanical trenchers cut slots 150 to 400mm deep and 70 to 150mm wide using a Tungsten Carbide. Micro Trenching is the smallest trenching method that cuts slots between 70 to 300mm deep and 10 to 30mm wide.

Characteristics / Direct Bury Application

• Robust, highly resistant to crushing and external impact.
• Suitable for all environments (green or brown fields).
• Ribbed or smooth inner surface that enables cable blowing.
• Future Proof, can accommodate more cables.
• Long life time, over 30 years.
• Temperature resistance.
• Requires fewer connections.

Products / Direct Bury Microduct Applications

TWD (Thick Walled Duct)

TWD is composed of thick, strong microtubes providing strong protection against soil pressure as the thin outer sheath assists fast, easy operation at installation site. The thickness of each inner tube allows individual tubes to be used direct buried solution.

Variety of TWD line-up enables a cost effective construction of optical infrastructure. This product is usually recommended to the site which requires fast and easy sheath cutting during fiber branch off from the FCP.

Flat Duct

For micro-trenching with the narrow width, FLAT DUCT is the most optimized microduct. The product itself can be placed vertically to fit on micro-trenching.

Flat Duct has the same thickness of TWD and provides the same benefits of TWD. The size of the product is relatively small which allows better shipping and handling with the smaller reel size.

Link Duct

LINK DUCT is lucrative solution for distribution point. Easy tear down characteristic of tube makes branch off work in distribution point without cutting the primary tube and connector. Installer can connect each connection point without mid-span or branch connection.

Like Direct Buried Flat Duct, Direct Buried Link Duct is perfect for micro trenching application, it can be placed vertically with narrow width of the trenching 10~30mm. Moreover, with the wall thickness same as the TWD’s, the benefits of TWD are realized.

DB HS (Direct Buried High Strength)

DIRECT BURIED HIGH STRENGTH microduct is designed for high crush resistance from external pressure. Flexibility of the thin inner tube wall of tube allows bending or fixing inside of cabinet/closure. The extra layer (total 2 layers of the outer sheath) is added to protect the thin wall of inner tube from external ground pressure. Protected against lightning, electrical surge.

DB AL (Direct Buried Aluminum)

A Direct buried product, DIRECT BURIED ALUMINUM adds the Aluminum tape which helps to block the water from the extreme wet soil condition. The outer sheath is made of rugged PE, providing excellent protection from the physical environment. Construction supports prevention of potential damages from crushing, external impact, etc.

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