Microduct Accessories

Essentials to couple, branch and cut microduct installations

Products / Coupler & End Cap

Coupler & End Cap

The coupler is designed for quick and easy splicing connection of microducts. Transparent body allows visual inspection of micro cable passing through during installation.

Microduct end-stop cap is designed for permanent or temporarily sealing of unused microducts to prevent water and dust getting into the duct.

Direct Buried Coupler

The coupler combines with a cover for an effective solution for direct buried application.

The cover provides the protection from external impact and safety locks to prevent the accidental opening during installation.

Gas Block Coupler

Gas block microduct connectors are designed for use between indoor and outdoor environments to prevent moisture that may result in condensed water getting into the ducts.

After cable installation, the connector can be gas sealed by pushing the connector ends together. This version is intended for 7mm to 18mm thick walled ducts.

Transition Coupler

The reducer enables fast and easy connection between the different size microducts. Simply push the microduct into the center of the transition coupler. No tools are required.

Products / Branch Closure

Branch Closure

I/Y & T branch closure is available and maintenance can be done without cutting the ducts, completed only by reopening upper modular part.

This branch closure is designed to connect two microducts and to branch-off tubes without any interruption of connectivity.

Products / Tools

Duct Cutter

Duct cutter is used when cutting the sheath of microduct.

Round Cutter

Round cutter is used when penetrating the sheath of microduct while keeping the inner tube safe inside


Slitter is used when peeling off sheath of microduct vertically or horizontally.

Tube Cutter

Tube cutter is used when making clean cut on tubes.

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