OTDRs & Optical Test

Spend your time testing, not connecting. Quickly connect test equipment to bare fiber. System utilizes replaceable index matching gel cartridges resulting in quick low loss and low reflectance connections to your OTDR or other test systems.

Connect the patch cable included with the system to your test equipment and insert bare fiber into the end of the Divot™ module. Simply strip and clean a few inches of fiber down to 125uM cladding, leaving approximately 3/4” of bare fiber exposed. Insert the bare fiber into the Divot module until it stops. The device will accept a non-cleaved fiber with a typical insertion loss of less than 0.8dB. Cleaved fiber will result in even lower insertion loss. Connections are suitable for many testing applications with results similar to a standard terminated piece of fiber.

  • FiberplusDivot

    DVT – Divot™ Bare Fiber Adapter /Testing Device

  • DZE hero

    DZE® Dead Zone Eliminator Fiber Optic Launch Box

  • ES12 Universal Cross Connect

  • Essential Fiber Optic Testing Tools for Every Technician

  • ID-L

    ID-L Optical Hand-Held Light Source

  • OLS2P Optical Light Source

  • OLS3P Optical Light Source

  • OneExpert DSP (ONX-220)

  • OneExpert™ CATV Sweep and Plant Maintenance

  • OPM62C-V Optical Power Meter

  • Optical Handhelds for Essential Fiber Testing

  • Placeholder

    OTDRs & Optical Test

  • T-BERD®/MTS-5800 Handheld Network Tester