ES12 Universal Cross Connect

A single box solution to interconnect multiple types of connectors

The ES-12 Universal Cross-Connect is a single box solution to interconnect multiple types of connectors. This multi-purpose product also incorporates a singlemode deadzone launch fiber which can be easily added into the fiber under test with a quick jumper connection.

The ES12 eliminates the need for hybrid patchcords and thus greatly reduces the number of patchcords the technician must keep on hand to facilitate testing in a multi-connector environment.

Its lightweight, compact, rugged design will ensure long service in a variety of applications. This is your quick and easy solution for testing or link commissioning.


• Dimensions (cm): 17.9 L x 16.6 W x 4.3 H
• Mass: 360g
• Package Includes: Qty.1 Patchcord SM, SX, 3mm, SCU-SCU, 0.5m
• Model ES-12 – features a 100m deadzone
• Model ES-12-500 – features a 500m deadzone

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