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Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1884 and since has played a dominant role in the growth of the global marketplace, including manufacturing the world’s first optical fiber cable in 1974. Development of optical fibers expanded into establishment of a total production system for products ranging from high-performance silica-based optical fibers to a variety of optical fiber cables manufactured under the brand name “FITEL“.

Born from “Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications,” the FITEL brand has expanded to include not only optical components, but also, fusion splicers, connectors and various optical-related products. With years of experience and a deep understanding for customer needs, the name has become synonymous with advanced technologies and unbeatable quality.

FITEL Products

Cable Sheath Stripper

vendor P/N: CS201

The FITEL CS201Cable Sheath Stripper accurately removes the sheath of a cable without damaging the fiber.

ID-H/R Live Fiber

vendor P/N: ID-H/R

The FITEL ID-H/R Live Fiber Identifier is a rugged, user-friendly tool which identifies optical fibers utilizing local detection technology.

ID-L Optical Hand-Held
Light Source

vendor P/N: ID-L

The FITEL ID-L Light source is a lightweight, hand-held unit featuring a single button control to change output mode.

Ninja NJ001 Single Fiber
Fusion Splicer

vendor P/N: NJ001

The FITEL NINJA NJ001 Handheld, Single Fiber Fusion Splicer delivers fast and reliable fiber splicing under even harsh environmental conditions.

S154-AC Active Clad Aligning Splicer

vendor P/N: S154

A broad range of new features that enhance communication, ease of use, portability, and field durability make the S154-AC Fusion Splicer one of the most powerful and user-friendly fusion splicing machines available today.

S179 Hand-Held Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

vendor P/N: S179

The FITEL S179 Hand-Held, Core Alignment Fusion Splicer offers powerful performance, delivering fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions.

S124M12 Hand-Held
Ribbon Fusion Splicer

vendor P/N: S124M12

The S124M12 Hand-Held Ribbon Fusion Splicer combines multiple functions into one machine, offering a wider range of capabilities that unites innovative technology, cost savings and opens the door to an entirely new range of applications.

S124X Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

vendor P/N: S124X

The S124X is FITEL’s most adaptable ribbon fusion splicer fit for any application. This splicer does it all: Both 250 μm and 200 μm pitch ribbon fiber, Rollable, and Flat. Delivers rapid splicing/heating with reliable and consistent results. 

Fiber Stripper

vendor P/N: S211B

The S211B Single Fiber Stripper features 3 holes for precise stripping of your optical fiber. A 3rd hole is ideal for stripping fiber cordage.

Thermal Stripper

vendor P/N: S218R

The S218R Thermal Stripper is an efficient hot-stripping tool that removes the coating of single fiber and ribbon fibers, running on its built-in battery.

Fiber Separator / Deribbonizer

vendor P/N: S220A

The S220A Fiber Separator / Deribbonizer uses two finely positioned blades to shave the matrix off the top and bottom of ribbon fiber, leaving the individual fiber jackets untouched, allowing separation.

Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

vendor P/N: S233

The S233 Ribbon Splitter splits 4, 8, 12,and 24-fiber ribbons more easily, quickly, and accurately than ever before. Accommodates interchangeable fiber gor different ribbon sizes.

Single Fiber Field Cleaver

vendor P/N: S315

The S315 Single Fiber Field Cleaver is designed to cleave fibers quickly and accurately with a scale, allowing fiber cleave lengths from 5 to 20mm.

Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver

vendor P/N: S326

The S326 Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver is an ergonomic and light weight design, offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand.

S422 / S423 / S424
Fiber Optic Splicer Tool Kits

vendor P/N: S42X

The FITEL S42x Series Splicer’s Tool Kits are the ideal choice for the technician who requires a high quality supplies kit to compliment his existing hand tools.


vendor P/N: S96X

Factory replacement electrodes, for a variety of splicers. Sold in pairs.

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