PON Fiber Inspection and Testing Solutions from VIAVI

VIAVI Solutions has a range of PON Tools for use in qualifying, activating, and troubleshooting E-PON, G-PON, and next-generation, high-speed 10 G PONs such as XG-PON and 10G-EPON networks.


Building reliable PON requires thorough test to assure networks are built as per their design and to prove end build quality in order to meet the tight optical budgets required for successful operation.

The rollout of 5G continues, and PON networks have found a new application with 5G fronthaul. The fronthaul is the connection between the baseband controller and the remote radio head at the cell site. 

Due to the bandwidth and latency demands imposed by 5G, utilizing PON networks to complete the fronthaul connections can reduce fiber count and improve efficiency without compromising performance. In much the same way the source signal is split between users for FTTH, signal from the baseband units can be distributed to an array of remote radio heads.

Explore the range of VIAVI PON Tools


 SmartPocketTM V2 Selective PON Power Meter

VIAVI Solutions new OLP-37XV2 Selective PON Power Meter quickly, easily, and conveniently measures power levels and loss in fiber/FTTx networks and fits perfectly in your pocket. Easy-to-use for technicians at any skill level, the SmartPocket V2 offers a dedicated and cost-optimized solution for testing and troubleshooting fiber/PON services in the field.


SmartClass Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope

The OLP-87 is ideal for end-of-line testing, activation, and maintenance of all FTTx/PON signals. The through-mode capability can simultaneously measure voice, data, and RF video signals on fiber at 1490/1550/1578 nm downstream and 1270/1310 nm burst mode upstream.

 The OLP-87 is compatible with the P5000i digital analysis microscope so users can check fiber end-face quality and get pass/ fail acceptance results with one button push. The OLP-87P features an integrated patch-cord microscope (PCM) for added value and improved workflow efficiency.

Network and Service Companion (NSC-100)

Residential and Small Business Test

A single high-performance tool that allows techs and contractors handling installation, activation and troubleshooting of residential broadband, business services and Metro/Enterprise Ethernet services. Benchmarking network delivery, validating service performance and distribution while driving compliance to best practice to simply test everything anywhere in under a minute.


A simple to use, intelligent optical fiber meter to certify and troubleshoot fiber links

The Optimeter is the ideal fiber test tool for novice or entry-level technicians in charge of fiber premises installation and repair.

The Optimeter provides everything one needs in one simple and fast solution. In just 1 minute, with a single fiber connection, and 1 key press, one can completely validate and certify a link to ensure smooth service installation and activation.

Fiber Inspection with The FiberChek™ Probe, the all-in-one handheld

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