LMX200™ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Utility Locating Equipment

The premier GPR tool for locating professionals

The premier GPR tool for locating professionals, the LMX200™ has all the capabilities of the LMX100™ plus additional in-field capabilities such as Grid Scan data collection, SplitView and MapView. It also offers external GPS capabilities for mapping results and an Enhanced Upgrade option for data export, analysis and reporting using the included EKKO_Project™ Software.

Additional Features

In-field visualization features

Interpretations: Classify your targets in real time with field interpretations. Simply touch the screen and select from a range of color-coded options.

Dynamic Target Enhancement (DynaT™)

DynaT™ is our patented Dynamic Target enhancement feature that optimizes views of small, medium and large targets. These views can be toggled to reveal additional subsurface features, giving you unprecedented insights and target confidence in the field.

Grid Scan Mode

Simple grid setup and guided grid collection on the display unit. Select from 4 standard grid sizes. The system guides you through the grid setup and collection.

Flexible grid line collection with added Obstacle Avoidance feature

The system guides you through collecting a grid around an obstacle. You can also collect odd shaped grids by just ending lines short or skipping lines altogether.

Slice View

Generate depth slices from both complete and incomplete grids in the field at the touch of a button.

View, save and share your collected grid in the field. View grid lines, flags or field interpretations that were collected in conjunction with the depth slice image on the right. You can then at a glance correlate your interpretations to depth slice images.

Additional Capabilities with External GPS

Split View

Combines the benefits of LineView and MapView onto one screen. The MapView side of the screen shows all the GPR data that has been collected and where the LMX200™ is currently located in the survey area while the LineView side displays your cross-section data to quickly see the spatial relationship between targets and determine if a series of hyperbolas are in linear orientation.

MapView Display

Display a powerful and meaningful bird’s eye view of your site map with survey path, depth slices, field interpretations, flags and collected lines in MapView

MapView Layers

Toggle on and off multiple layers to optimize your view to generate a more complete picture of your full site, and capture in screenshots to augment your reports right from the display unit

Numerous data export possibilities

Easily review and share captured screenshots in Wi-Fi mini reports

The Screenshot Gallery displays a Tile View of screens saved by pressing the Camera button. Select a screenshot to email it in a mini-report.

Share findings quickly directly from the field

Produce instant reports from your display unit that includes screen captures of line, grid and MapView information.

Field Interpretations file (.CSV)

Interpretation information added in the field are automatically saved in a CSV file that contains depth, position and GPS coordinates.

Google Earth™ files (.KMZ)

Survey paths and field interpretations are automatically exported to .KMZ files for viewing in Google Earth™. Generate stunning utility maps by plotting interpretations on GIS or aerial images and connecting them to show the utility paths.

Optional LMX200™ Enhanced Upgrade Package

Optional LMX200™ Enhanced Upgrade package allows you to export your GPR data and unleash the powerful EKKO_Project™ GPR Software.

Data exported from LMX200™ Enhanced uses the EKKO_Project™ PC Software for Data Management, Display, Archiving and Reporting.

Simple GPR project organization: Organize GPR lines & grids, add photos and other files, and save everything in a single project file.

View GPR data: View GPR lines and depth slices. Slice through multiple grids simultaneously and add background images to MapView.

Create Impressive Reports: Quickly save data as graphic image files (.jpg, .bmp, .png). Automatically create summary reports with data, photographs and text and export as a PDF.

Optional EKKO_Project™ Utility Suite

With the optional EKKO_Project™ Utility Suite gain access to LineView, SliceView and Interpretation modules to:
• Modify line views and depth slices
• Process GPR line surveys into depth slices
• Export depth slices into Google Earth™
• Add point, polyline, box and annotation interpretations to GPR lines

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