LMX100™ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Locate & Mark®

The most affordable GPR utility locating tool to Locate & Mark utilities in the field

The most affordable GPR utility locating tool to Locate & Mark utilities in the field. With its intuitive user interface, rugged and lightweight design, you can effortlessly integrate the LMX100™ into your field locates to complete your toolbox.

Capabilities / Features

Locate & Mark®:

• Metal utilities, including pipes and cables
• Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
• Concrete storm and sewer systems
• Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed
• Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles
• Septic system components
• Non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads

Data collection made simple

The LMX100™ does the thinking for you, with all the data collection parameters pre-set so that you can quickly start your survey and know that your data collection is optimized. Quickly start your survey. Press Start and begin your survey right away with no initial settings required.

Easily pin-point the location and depth of a utility

Locate & Mark™ mode incorporates a back-up feature to enable you to accurately locate targets and mark them on the ground. To locate a feature, simply roll the system back along the same path until the red vertical line is exactly over the response. You can mark the location of the object on the surface and continue data collection. Quickly display the depth of the feature by adjusting the cross-hair to align with the target.

Optimize your data based on your survey speed with DynaQ®

DynaQ® is our patented Dynamic Quality technology that stacks automatically depending on your survey speed. Stacking increases the depth of penetration by suppressing the background noise. A slower survey speed results in more stacks and faster speeds result in less stacks and the operator is always able to see by a color coded indicator the level of stacking applied. Highest data quality can be achieved at a comfortable walking speed.

In-Field Image Optimization / Filter

Select from 5 predefined background subtraction filters on the display unit to remove flat-lying responses in the data to aid in identifying shallow targets and enhancing the visibility of hyperbolas at deeper depths


Cycle through pre-set gain settings to maximize the visibility of targets.


DynaT™ is our patented Dynamic Target enhancement feature that optimizes views of small, medium and large targets. These views can be toggled to reveal additional subsurface features, giving you unprecedented insights and target confidence in the field.

File Management & Data Export

The Screenshot Gallery allows you to manage all the screenshots saved on the LMX100™. From there you have the option of viewing, deleting and emailing the screenshot as a mini report.
Easily share your findings in a Wi-Fi Mini-report directly from the survey site. The mini-report includes a screenshot and useful information about the collected data.

Geo-tagged KMZ files

Taking advantage of the built-in GPS, the screen captures collected on the LMX100™ are geo-tagged and are readily displayed in Google Earth once data is exported. The LMX100™ automatically exports a KMZ file with all the screenshots, so you can share this and visualize your survey without any extra processing steps.


High visibility touch screen display unit:
• Free lifetime system software updates
• User selectable languages
• Metric and US Standard units

GPR Sensor
• Patented ultra-wideband (UWB) 250 MHz GPR antenna
• DynaT™ for Dynamic Target enhancement
• Offers perfect balance of depth penetration (up to 8m/26 ft) & high resolution

Lead Acid Gel Cell Battery
• Long lasting
• Swappable

On-site Reports
• Produce instant on-site reports from your display unit

Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS receiver for geo-referencing data

Lightweight Fiberglass Cart Frame
• No metal parts that would interfere with GPR signals
• Rugged, all-terrain cart with integrated odometer, easily maneuverable over any surface

• USB for easy data transfer

• Built-in Wi-Fi capability

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