S612 Ribbonizer Kit

Ribbonizes single fiber into 2- to 12- ribbon fiber, converting 250µm single fiber into 300-400µm ribbon fiber

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Designed to form a ribbon-like fiber with 2 to 12 single fibers. S612 offers a high efficient simultaneous fiber splice with FITEL ribbon fusion splicers.

• Easy to operate
• Smallest fixture in the industry
• Consumables are adhesive only

Applicable Optical Fiber
2 to 12 fiber ribbons

Video Assistance

Procedures for Ribbonizing and De-Ribbonizing:

TELONIX President Eric Goulden and Technical Manager Optical Steven Sun demonstrate the procedures for Ribbonizing and De-Ribbonizing utilizing FITEL’s S220A De-Ribbonizer and S612B Ribbonizer.

Literature & Technical Specifications

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