Wi-Spy & Chanalyzer

Spectrum Analysis for Complex Networks

Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury. Your users depend on Wi-Fi for business, education, healthcare, and entertainment. But delivering reliable Wi-Fi in complex network environments can be difficult. That is why we built Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer.

Powerful Dual-Band Spectrum

Chanalyzer works with Wi-Spy DBx, a powerful dual-band spectrum analyzer that measures Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi activity in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Chanalyzer utilizes radio frequency data from Wi-Spy DBx to provide you with a real-time visual overview of your Wi-Fi network environment.

Locate Sources of Interference

Once you’re able to see interference, the next step is to eliminate it. Unlike the omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna in your laptop or wireless adapter, a directional antenna is highly focused to pinpoint non-Wi-Fi sources of interference. This allows you to actively seek out and remove loud transmitters from your Wi-Fi environment.

Monitor Channel Usage and Interference

By graphing every access point within reach and pairing it with the raw RF information provided by Wi-Spy DBx, Chanalyzer provides you with all the information you need to monitor and manage saturated channels. The built-in recording feature even allows you to track the most frustrating Wi-Fi problem – intermittent interference – and come up with a plan to eliminate it for good.

Report Your Findings with Ease

Utilizing Report Builder – included in Chanalyzer Essential – you can add a snapshot of any image or table with just a few clicks. Then add your own pictures and descriptions (or just use the defaults) to provide context. After you’re done, export to PDF to create a visually compelling report of dead spots, saturation, and rogue APs that your boss or clients can understand.

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