Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer

True Mobile WiFi Troubleshooting
on iOS and Android

Wi-Spy Air: Your WLAN Command Center

Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer WiFi Troubleshooting frees you from the laptop and puts Layer 1 and Layer 2 information in the palm of your hand on your iOS or Android device. It’s all the network data you’d expect from a professional-grade wireless tester, plus insights from actual connected client devices so you can confidently verify that the network is good to go.

Air Viewer App: Real-Time Network Overview

Get an immediate visual overview of your wireless environment, including your network and neighboring networks with Air Viewer. Network overlays visually show channel placement, channel width, and signal strength in the 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi bands. Sort cards by network name, signal strength, or max data rate, or use Air Viewer’s powerful search navigation to zero in on the client or AP you want to investigate.

• See high-level network data at a glance in both graph and card format, and drill down to get detailed network information.
• Fine-tune your channel planning by spotting Layer 1 interference and utilization issues.
• Spot connectivity problems like band-steering and roaming issues from the client perspective with deep-dive client details.

Advanced Layer 1 and Layer 2 Info

Wi-Spy Air is also a lightweight spectrum analyzer, and adds rich Layer 1 information to your data set in Air Viewer. Toggle 2.4 and 5 GHz Spectrum views on and off to pinpoint congestion and interference issues.

On the Layer 2, size, Air Viewer displays utilization and connected client count to help you make informed channel-planning decisions, and keep your BSSID in check by tracking details like channel, security type, phy type, max data rate, SNR, and connected clients.


• Spectrum Analyzer Scan

Frequency Range:
2.4 to 2.5 GHz, 5.15 to 5.85 GHz
Frequency Resolution:
2.4 GHz: 390.625 KHz / 5 GHz: 1.665 MHz
Amplitude Range:
-95 to 0 dBm Amplitude Resolution: 0.5 dBm
Sweep Time:
2.4 GHz: 250 ms / 5 GHz (entire band): 1250 ms

• SSID Scan

Frequency Range:
2.4 to 2.5 GHz, 5.15 to 5.85 GHz
Amplitude Range:
-100 to +10 dBm
Amplitude Resolution:
1 dBm

• Air Viewer System Requirements:

Android: v7 and above
iOS: v12 and above

• Dimensions:

Length: 80 mm (including RP-SMA connector)
Width: 57 mm
Height: -22.5 mm

• Antenna:

Antenna Port: SMB Connector
Antenna: RP-SMA

• Power: AAA batteries (4 rechargeable pre-charged batteries included)

• Ports:
USB-Mini connectivity port (OTG required)
USB-Micro charging port

• Included cables:
USB-Mini to Lightning (OTG)
USB-Mini to USB-Micro (OTG)
USB-Mini to USB-C (OTG)
USB-Mini to USB-A (OTG)
USB-A to USB-Micro Charging Cable

Video: Introduction to Wi-Spy Air

Review the video for a comprehensive overview of capabilities for

WiFi Troubleshooting with Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer.

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