Pearpoint flexiprobe™ P540c Portable Video Inspection System

Comprehensive. Convenient. Connected.

Welcome to a Connected World

The flexiprobe P540c system simplifies your operations by automatically creating a survey report, allowing you to concentrate on your inspection tasks.

Share your reports quickly and easily via email or the Dropbox file sharing service.*

*WiFi accesspoint required, such as mobile phone, tablet, or dongle.

flexiprobe P540c systems – easy to use, efficient to own

• Powerful controller provides a comprehensive and intuitive user interface, simple menus and dedicated function buttons.

• Incorporates reporting templates to comply with multiple standards to meet most needs:
■ Share MSCC3, 4 and 5 – compliant reports as soon as you have completed your survey.
■ WinCan compatible option† – can be purchased with flexiprobe P540c, or later.

• Built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 7.5 hours usage. Charge on the move for longer use time.

• Ruggedized case and IP55 rating provide reliability and usability most challenging environments.

Simpler, Faster, Smarter

The flexiprobe P540c system is managed by the most powerful and intuitive Controller ever designed by Pearpoint. A quick boot-up, an intuitive user interface and a high definition 10.1″ TFT display, the P540c lets you concentrate on the job in hand.

Time on site is time well spent

The P540c Controller features a high capacity internal Lithium-Ion battery, providing power for up to a full day’s typical usage. Also on board is 128Gb of no-moving-parts memory, sufficient for over 90 hours of video recording.


An MSCC-compliant report will be ready to share as soon as your survey is completed, using the condition codes of your chosen standard. Or, for those surveys that don’t require an MSSC-compliant report, flexiprobe P540c can do that for you too.

On-board WiFi connectivity allows you to use your communications device or dongle as a hotspot, letting you share your survey with your customer, manager or accounts department, creating productive time for you.

Video Streaming

Share the flexiprobe P540c display with a compatible device such as your customer’s phone or your colleague’s tablet.

Connectivity aiding productivity

• Create reports:
■ Basic 1
■ MSCCx 2
■ WinCan 3

• Wi-Fi connection


• Email directly to client / manager or share to DropBox using wireless hotspot connection to phone

Fast, intuitive inspection

Spend your time surveying, not computing

• Short boot-up time to get you inspecting, not waiting
• Menus in multiple languages
• Context-sensitive buttons on both sides of the display guide you through your survey – no complex menus to remember
• Dedicated buttons for frequentlyused tasks, including “Record”, “Make an Observation” and “Count reset”
• Full QWERTY keyboard with IP55 ingress protection (regional layouts also available)


Multiple standards meet both your and your customers’ requirements:
• flexiprobe P540c offers a suite of customisable report options, and the WRc’s MSCC3, 4 and 5 condition codes.
• Reports are exported as docx documents, which allow editing and customisation on a PC, and xml files are also available for MSCC5-compliant reports.
• Optional WinCan export license available, can be upgraded in the field*.
• Report templates and condition classification codes can be modified to create reports adhering to your own standards.
• On-board connectivity capabilities allow reports to be created and shared within seconds of completing your video inspection survey. Exporting to a USB stick, in any of the 3 available ports, is also available.

P540c Accessories & Options

A range of rods to suit your application

From 100′ (30m) for residential and small commercial plumbing use, right up to 500′ (150m) for specialist applications.

• Choice of pushrod reels:
■ 100′ (30m) or 200′ (60m) P541Plumbers reel.
■ 115′ (35m) P541 reel.
■ 200′ (60m) or 400′ (120m) P542 reels.
■ 500′ (150m) P543 reel.

Ultra-tough high resolution cameras

Stainless steel construction in a compact design.
3 choices:
1” (25mm) for small pipes, and self-levelling 1” and 2” (32mm and 50mm) for larger diameter applications. High resolution sensors and ultra bright white LEDs ensure a clear picture, even when submerged in water up to 330’ (100m) deep.

Each flexiprobe P540c system comes complete with a universal easy-fit skid set, that allows the 1″ (25mm) camera to be used in pipes up to 4″ (100mm) diameter and the 2″ (50mm) camera in pipes up to 6″ (150mm) diameter.

Skids can be replaced in seconds, with no tools required. Additional standard equipment may vary due to regional variations.

Combine your P540c flexiprobe system with a suitable locator to pinpoint your camera’s location and depth, providing a valuable tool for repairs and tracing alike.

The RD5100S locator is capable of detecting 3 different sonde frequencies and is specifically designed for the water industry, and is capable of precisely locating a sonde even in electrically noisy areas.

flexitrax™ P550c compatible

The flexitrax P550c controller is compatible with the full range of flexiprobe P540c/P340 cameras, reels, sondes and accessories providing unmatched modularity from the small 100’ (30m) Plumbers system to the 1000’ (305m) motorized P356 steerable crawler system.

flexiprobe P540c systems include as standard:

• flexiprobe P540c controller.

• Choice of NTSC/PAL color camera and 512/640Hz flexisonde:
■ 1″ (25mm) camera, skid ball, universal skid set and sonde.
■ 1.” (32mm) self-levelling camera and skid.
■ 2″ (50mm) self-levelling camera, skid ball, universal skid set and 1.4″ (35mm) sonde.

• Choice of pushrod reels:
■ 100′ (30m) or 200′ (60m) P541Plumbers reel.
■ 115′ (35m) P541 reel.
■ 200′ (60m) or 400′ (120m) P542 reels.
■ 500′ (150m) P543 reel.

• Controller swivel mount (Optional for the P541 plumbers reel).
• Mains power supply / charger, IP55 keyboard and Pearpoint tool bag.

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