LMX150™ FINDAR® Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility locating with GPR made simple

The LMX150TM FINDAR® is a complete Ground Penetrating Radar system, offering two modes for acquiring data: Line Scan and Grid Scan. Once the unit is assembled and powered-up, you can start conducting a GPR survey in less than a minute.

LMX150™ FINDAR® is a ground penetrating radar designed and optimized for forensics and utility locating applications which offers non destructive, real time results in the field to pinpoint targets of interest.

GPR is a great complement to traditional locating tools.

Capabilities / Features

Locate & Mark®:

  • High visibility, touch screen display 
  • Display depth slices from collected grids, right in the field 
  • UWB (ultra-wide band) Antenna producing highest data quality 
  • Lightweight fibreglass cart frame 
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability 
  • Integrated GPS receiver with optional external GPS for increased positional accuracy for geo-referencing data 
  • Ability to mark surface flags and subsurface interpretations directly in the data 
  • Display your travelled path and targets in MapView 
  • Seamless export of data to EKKO_ProjectTM software for further data analysis 

High visibility touch screen display unit

Free lifetime system software updates

  • User selectable languages
  • US Standard and Metric units

On-site Reports

  • Produce instant on-site reports from your display unit


  • USB for easy data transfer

Integrated GPS

  • Integrated GPS receiver for geo-referencing data


  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability

Compact Lightweight Fiberglass Cart Frame

  • No metal parts that would interfere with GPR signals
  • Rugged, all-terrain cart with integrated odometer, easily maneuverable over any surface

Optional External GPS

  • For high accuracy positioning and mapping

High Resolution GPR Sensor

  • Patented ultra-wideband (UWB) 500MHz GPR antenna
  • Scanning depth up to 3 m (10 ft)

Lead Acid Gel Cell Battery

  • Long lasting
  • Swappable
  • Locally available

Easy Depth Calibration.  Pinpoint Depth & Location

Enhance your productivity

No complex settings – Just press Start and push the cart

Use hyperbola-fitting to ensure accurate depth measurements and backup over the target to display its location and depth.

Dynamic Stacking (DynaQ®)

Better data quality with DynaQ – automatically adjusts stacking (averaging) based on your survey speed.

Preset Filters

Adjustable Gain

Optimize visibility of your targets in the field

Color-coded field interpretations

Classify your targets in real-time by selecting a color option and touching the screen.

Get faster deliverables

In-field Screenshot Gallery & Wi-Fi mini-reports

Manage & review your screenshots and email them in a Wi-Fi mini-report from the field.

Geo-tagged information for reports & archiving

All screenshots are geo-tagged and exported in a KMZ file that is easily displayed in Google Earth.™

Complete coverage of complex areas

Flexible & guided grid collection

The LMX150TM FINDAR® GPR guides you through the setup with pre-selected grid sizes. Stop lines early, or skip lines.

In-field Depth slices

Process grid data into depth slices and move down through your data to visualize targets at different depths.

Obstacle avoidance 

System guides data collection around an obstacle in your grid.

Features unlocked with GPS

View your survey area in the field

Line scans, grids and !eld interpretations are displayed on the screen in a plan map view.

Export geo-referenced data to Google Earth™

KMZ output of lines, grid locations, interpretations, and screenshots.

Export geo-referenced data in spreadsheet (.csv files)

Spreadsheet (.csv) file with flags and field interpretations to import into GIS or CAD software.

EKKO_Project™ Software

Visualize, Understand and Report your GPR results with the optional EKKO_Project™ PC Software


Organize your GPR data, photos and other files and save as a single project file. Easily create PDF reports of your findings.

Examine (Cross-sections)

Reveal (Depth Slices)

3D Reveal (3D Visualization)

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