Microduct Installation Tool Kit

Complete Tool Kit for Microduct Installation

Knet’s Microduct Tool Kit Case contains 7 special Microduct Installation tools designed for efficiency at the installation site. These essential items promote accuracy and efficiency for Microduct cutting, branching and termination.

These items are assembled in protective sponge contained in a lightweight aluminum bodied suitcase-style case.

Tool Kit Items, Details

Microduct Duct Cutter (2)

Microduct Duct Cutter is used for precise cutting of PP and PE pipes with minimum effort. Knife blades deliver clean and straight cuts on pipe diameters up to 63mm and especially for all the current plastic types used in installation. Aluminum construction.

Microduct Duct Sheath Remover & Hook Cutter

The Microduct Sheath Remover (Slitter) is used when dismantling the outer sheath of a double-sheathed microduct (direct buried).

Microduct Tube Cutter (2)

The Microduct Tube Cutter is used to cut a tube cleanly at 90° allowing to make a connection with another tube perfectly.

Microduct Tube Deburring Tool

The Microduct Tube Deburring Tool is used after cutting, on the inside of the tube, gently cutting to increase the blowing performance.

Tool Kit Case

Dimensions: 450x350x100mm

Gross Weight: 4kg

Microduct Duct Cutter X2

Microduct Sheath Remover

Hook Cutter

Microduct Tube Cutter X2

Microduct Deburring Tool

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