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Fiber optic launch boxes, delay lines, adapters, connection devices, test equipment

Fiber Plus International designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic launch boxes, delay lines, adapters, connection devices and test equipment accessories. Established in 1993, their charter is to design new, unique and innovative connection devices for the fiber optic market place.

The company focuses on niche markets to create and offer products that are more flexible, efficient and affordable. Fiber Plus International’s engineering team has been awarded numerous patents and has partnered to develop and patent products for aeronautical, government and communication companies all over the world.

Fiber Plus International is an approved DoD vendor for the United States Military. They have been awarded and successfully fulfilled DoD contracts and are familiar with DoD Impac directives, FASA directives and FAR/DFARS regulations.

Fiber Plus International Products

DVT – Divot™ Bare Fiber Adapter /Testing Device

vendor P/N: DVT

Designed to quickly connect to unterminated fiber for testing, servicing or communication requirements.

DZE Dead Zone Eliminator Fiber Optic Launch Box

vendor P/N: DZE

Designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR. Three Series models available.

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