Touch Plus SC Series Splice-On Connector

Connector termination system featuring unsurpassed performance and flexibility in the field

SEIKOH GIKEN’s new connector termination system allows for unsurpassed performance and flexibility in the field. This new “Splice-On Connector (SOC)” eliminates the need for field polishing and significantly improves the quality of the termination and installation time required.

SEIKOH GIKEN’s factory polished ferrules with pre-cleaved fiber stubs are spliced onto the field fiber utilizing most manufacturer’s fusion splicer. The connector is easily assembled by using a process that requires minimal skill or training.

*Both singlemode and multimode versions are available.


• Requires no epoxy or endface polishing
• Splice-On Connector is fusion-spliced to the field fiber without extra loss or back reflection
• Offers a compact body designed to fit existing patch panels
• Easy field termination of optical patchcords and trunk cables


• New Installation of FTTx terminations at pedestal or customer site
• Emergency field restoration of damaged optical connectors
• Easily upgrade older legacy designed connectors like Biconic, D4, ST, FC to low-loss SC connectors

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