3Z RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

Innovative antenna alignment tool with built-in camera to easily perform accurate antenna alignment

3Z RF Vision is an antenna alignment tool that not only aligns the antenna, but also provides a visual guide to show where the antenna is pointing to easily perform accurate antenna alignment on panel and microwave point-to-point antennas. The line-of-sight image gives you greater clarity and simplifies the alignment process, identifies obstructions and gives Engineers ability to optimize antenna orientations.

5G Ready

5G will largely be deployed in a small cell format using high-band millimeter-wave (mmW) frequencies. High gain millimeter-wave antennas will produce pencil-like beams which require LOS (Line-of-Sight) or NLOS (Near-Line-of-Sight) to achieve high data rates.

To maximize the use of high-band mmW frequencies and Massive MIMO beamforming antenna performance, precise antenna alignment and an LOS survey are critical during and after installation. 3Z RF Vision is ready to help you service 5G networks.

Dual-Frequency GNSS Technology

3Z RF Vision connects to GPS and GLONASS

Dual-frequency GNSS technology allows 3Z RF Vision to measure satellites twice, seeing a total of 174 satellites signals (3x more than competitor products). This delivers more accurate, faster readings even in high density urban cities and crowded towers.

Camera & Touch Screen View Finder

3Z RF Vision’s augmented reality displays a bullseye target in the 5-inch LCD touch screen display. Now the tower tech can perfectly align the antenna by simply moving the crosshair over to align the bullseye in one easy step.

The touch screen display is responsive to touch in most work gloves, letting you keep your hands warm and protected in cold conditions.

Align. Optimize. Report.

No post processing required!

3Z RF Vision will create a single comprehensive PDF or CSV report for each site being aligned. Retrieve reports easily via the built-in micro USB port or send it in real time using our mobile app.

Your report includes:
• the target coordinates,
• the final measured alignment data,
• site sector identifiers,
• geocoding,
• geolocation,
• date and time stamp,
• and a line-of-sight photo validation.

Construction Design

Impact Resistant Display

Built for rugged use, the display is protected with chemically strengthened glass which creates a much higher resistance to scratching, cracking and breaking. We designed it tough to keep up with your toughest tower technician.

All Weather Enclosure

RF Vision is designed to withstand all weather conditions. Made with strengthened polycarbonate hard plastic and a protective rubber bumper that makes it virtually heat and impact resistant. It is designed for rugged use and is meant to last.

Kit items include

Everything you need to get started:

  • RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool
  • Universal Strap Clamp
  • Rugged hard-case with padded interior
  • Water-resistant soft-case bag
  • Rubber bumpers for microwave antennas
  • AC/DC power charger and universal power adapters

New RF Vision Mobile App

This new app allows you to access your RF Vision via Bluetooth, view and share real-time reports while still on site.  Download, connect and control!  Android App  (Android 5.0 or higher) | iOS App (iOS 11 or higher)  RF Vision software update 2.6.169 required to use this app.

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