S960/S961/S967 Electrodes

Factory replacement electrodes

Factory replacement electrodes, for a variety of splicers. Sold in pairs.

S960 Electrodes


Factory replacement electrodes, for S123C, 123M, S178 splicers. Sold in pairs.

S961 Electrodes


Factory replacement electrodes, for S199S and S199M splicers. Sold in pairs.

S967 Electrodes


Factory replacement electrodes, for S122M splicer. Sold in pairs.

Procedures for Ribbonizing and De-Ribbonizing:

TELONIX President Eric Goulden and Vice President Optical Steven Sun demonstrate the procedures for Ribbonizing and De-Ribbonizing utilizing FITEL’s S220A De-Ribbonizer and S612B Ribbonizer.

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