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Live Fiber Identifier

Portable instrument designed to identify optical test tones and live traffic without disconnecting live system

vendor P/N: ES17LFI

Velocity ES17-LFI Live Fiber Identifier

The ES17 LFI Live Fiber Identifier is a new portable instrument designed to identify optical test tones and live traffic, adopting micro-bend technology without interrupting the live service. Its simple design introduces no damage to the fiber.

The ES17 LFI can be used in SM or MM networks. Only one adapter is required to access the basic functions of a fiber identifier and includes a VFL (Visual Fault Locator) function for short distance fault location. Very simple and convenient, fast and efficient for identification of the traffic direction and frequency tone (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz).

Its unique function design allows for single-hand operation in a convenient, portable package.


• Lightweight
• Added VFL function
• Only 1 adapter
• In-line test without interrupting the current service
• Signal direction and modulation display
• Relative core power display
• Low power indication
• 10 hours working time

Use Directions

Insert fiber in the adapter slot, slide button to clamp fiber.

The LED illuminator will indicate when optical signal passes the fiber, displaying traffic direction supported with an intermittently audible tone while displaying the Relative Core Power digitally.

The LED illuminator will not light if no optical signal passes the fiber, displaying “LO” for Relative Core Power in display.

The Power LED indicator displays red with full power; LED flicker indicates low power/replace batteries.


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