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P340 flexiprobe™ system

Pipeline inspection technology system delivers high quality pipeline surveys in an advanced performance, flexible and durable package

vendor P/N: P340

Pipeline inspection technology – advanced performance – class leading flexibility. At the heart of the P340 exiprobe™ system is the weatherproof P340+ exiprobe controller, which displays color footage in digital quality on an ultra-bright 8" TFT screen.

 Radiodetection Pearpoint P340 flexiprobe™ system

USB ash drive and Compact Flash storage options along with PC connectivity provide exible data storage and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The P340+ controller features an internal lithium-ion battery, providing convenient power for up to a full day’s typical usage, removing the inconvenience and set-up time of an external power lead.

P340 exiprobe systems have been designed to deliver controllable and high quality video inspection for any situation, from residential work and commercial use through to specialist plant and municipal applications.

A choice of 3 sealed cameras can be mounted on a range of rods: from the ultra- exible 100' (30m) Plumbers reel, designed for transiting tight bends, to the 500' (150m) P343 reel designed to push for long distances. A range of compatible sondes, skids, brushes and accessories completes the package.


Digital recordings

The fully digital controller system architecture provides precise control over inspections and recordings. Digital rotate, pan and zoom functions let you focus in on problem areas during live or recorded inspections.

Video and still images are recorded directly onto USB memory sticks or Compact Flash cards for easy management and transfer.

With no moving parts your valuable data is protected against shocks and impacts.

One-touch recording and
still picture capture

A single key press on the ruggedized keypad records high quality, full digital video, which is automatically time and date stamped and logged against the job that you are working on. Similarly, still pictures can be captured, inspected and led at any point during your inspection with a single key press.

An 8Gb storage device is capable of storing up to 7 hours of high quality video.

To enhance the inspection, audio can be added to recordings via the optional microphone headset, and text commentary incorporated using the splashproof keyboard. To add exibility, up to 20 pages of text can be stored into the controller module.

Ruggedized construction

Despite weighing less than 13.5lbs (6.2kg), the P340+ controller is designed to operate reliably in harsh weather conditions. The tough polypropylene casing is designed to resist scuffs and impacts, while the comprehensive sealing gives an IP53 rating when operating – and IP55 with the covers closed, minimizing the risk of damage from debris or water ingress.

USB ash drives

The P340 command module supports the popular USB ash drive: simply plug your own or your customer’s high speed memory stick into the USB slot and start recording and storing inspection videos, photos and observations directly into it. USB memory sticks can be connected to any PC for direct access to your digital data without the need of an external card reader or the P340 controller.

Outstanding picture quality

The P340 exiprobe system offers three cameras, 1" (25mm), 11 ⁄ 4" (32mm) and 2" (50mm), equipped with high resolution sensors and the latest generation ultra-bright white LEDs, which combine to deliver a crisp, clear picture in most pipe conditions.

The P340 self-levelling cameras feature tough sapphire lens windows, and automatically position the bottom of the pipe at the base of the picture, helping operators to identify issues and orientate their position.

The P340 1" (25mm) camera features a tough polycarbonate cover to protect the LEDs all in a small, compact package, specifically designed to help navigating through bends.

Easy to use software interface

The P340+ controller software has been specifically developed to make the P340 exiprobe system easy and intuitive to use. Setting up and customizing your controller is very simple thanks to the color based list menus, which clearly define all the options available.

Adding text to your survey is never more than one keyboard click away. Browse or edit up to 20 pages of text or automatically use them as titles at the beginning of your video recordings.

Organize work effectively

The P340+ controller quickly organizes your work in “Job” folders which are linked to the inspection you are carrying out, making the review and storage of videos, photos and observations straightforward.

Jobs can be created very quickly at the start of your first recording by entering a minimum set of information or by accessing the “Job Browser” menu and entering detailed information about your client, site and survey.

Jobs can be expanded by adding multiple surveys to the site you are inspecting or by adding different sites to the client you are working for.

Be more productive on-site

Use the comprehensive, built-in, P340 reporting system to quickly fill out report observations on-site without the need for extra equipment. Report templates are customizable to meet your own requirements.

Entering detailed observation, including grading and photos, could not be easier, thanks to the built-in WRCTM, PACP or custom made defect code lists.

Produce a SEWER.DAT report file directly from your P340 controller.

Manage your data and produce reports

The FlexiSightTM Manager software is the ideal PC companion of the P340 controller. With this Windows® compatible software, you will be able to import, store and manage all your digital inspection data.

Use the “Job Browser” screen to quickly import and browse all your saved jobs. Use the “Surveys” screen to review and edit videos, take snapshots, annotate photos and review, edit or create observations.

Produce comprehensive customizable reports, with your company logo, incorporating pipe graphics and color coded defect grading (requires Microsoft® Word 97 or higher).

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