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VIAVI Solutions is a global leader in both network & service enablement and optical security and performance products and solutions. Their technologies contribute to the success of a wide range of customers – from the world’s largest mobile operators and governmental entities to enterprise network and application providers to contractors laying the fiber and building the towers that keep us connected.

Network and Service Enablement

With the deep expertise necessary to deliver unparalleled physical and virtual network intelligence, VIAVI Solutions helps service providers, enterprises, and their ecosystems, to deploy, maintain, optimize, and evolve the most complex and powerful networks on the planet. As pioneers in fiber testing and characterization, VIAVI has a long history of successful collaboration with communication companies to help make our lives rich and productive by supporting networks that connect people, entertain us, and enhance our security.

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VIAVI Core Competencies

Network Test & Certification:
• Fiber Testing, Inspection, & Characterization
• Network Service Activation & Assurance
• Network Performance Management
• Network Intelligence, Assurance, & Optimization
• Network Security Forensics

Serving industries:
• Communications Service Providers
• Enterprise, Cloud, & Data Centers
• Network Equipment Manufacturers
• Network Installation Contractors

Wireline Products / Deployment and Maintenance

Reduce Costs Through Greater Efficiency:

The level of efficiency and effectiveness of your technical support resources impacts network performance, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Yet, technician turnover, wide gaps in field staff capabilities, and the cost of highly skilled technical talent, are common issues for wireline operators.

The VIAVI SmartClass Fiber family integrates essential fiber testing capabilities, such as fiber inspection, optical power measurement, and more into handheld field solutions that drive best practices while cutting fiber testing and certification time in half.

Related Product:
OneExpert™ CATV Sweep and Plant Maintenance System / ONX-630 / SCU-1800


The OneExpert CATV ONX-630 is a powerful meter for maintaining HFC networks, including DOCSIS 3.1® performance analysis, spectrum analyzer, and forward and reverse sweep measurements.

The most advanced cable field meter, OneExpert CATV, is equipped with the most up-to-date and innovative maintenance testing features.

Advanced System Sweep meets the needs of current and evolving networks, with the sweep frequency range extended to 1,218 MHz forward, 204 MHz reverse.

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SCU-1800 Sweep Transmitter/Receiver

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The headend/hub rack-mounted SCU-1800 Sweep Transmitter/Receiver provides non-interfering downstream sweep to 1.218 GHz and upstream sweep to 204 MHz on up to 16 ports. The sweep is remotely configurable via Ethernet and browser, and a sweep plan can be built from imported information from the OneExpert.

A space-conserving 1RU Sweep Control Unit (SCU-1800) with 16 switchable return sweep ports means less combining is required, leading to improved noise performance, and sweep receivers can be consolidated to conserve cost. The sweep control unit is remotely or locally configurable and the interface is accessible via Ethernet/Internet/Intranet and browser.

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In combination, the ONX-630 provides powerful troubleshooting tools to find faults and problems in the HFC network. In addition to traditional sweep, the ONX-630 adds additional troubleshooting in a fully loaded upstream with multi-carrier upstream in-channel frequency response (ICFR). Maintenance techs can analyze upstream transient noise and interference with unique “HyperSpectrum” technology for real-time results and problems in the HFC network.

Features of ONX-630 with OneExpert platform

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Fast — Sweep, align, and troubleshoot faster than ever:
• Stealth SweepTM with integrated Tilt/Align quickly validates amps and HFC networks faster than any other test
• Complete a downstream scan including MER/BER in about 60 seconds
• AutoChannel™ instantly identifies the channel lineup and eliminates guesswork

Powerful — Designed to find difficult problems:
• Combined DOCSIS 3.1 and sweep testing validates the complete HFC network
• Ingress Expert with Hyper Spectrum™ catches difficult return noise problems
• Expert modes with advanced parallel processing find hidden problems and root causes
• 40+ years of trusted CATV testing knowledge integrated into one simple device

Flexible — Ready for your changing network needs:
• The ONX-630’s dual diplexer 42/85 or 65/204 with 1.2GHz supports next generation networks
• A fiber scope and power meter support FTTx and fiber deep networks
• Test gigabit service over DOCSIS, Ethernet, and WiFi
• The ONX-630 is compatible with DSAM-6300 and SDA-55XX providing seamless transition
• Common sweep reporting for ONX-630 and DSAM ensures consistency via StrataSync™

Powerful Maintenance Test Tools

The OneExpert platforms flexible, modular design enables economical and efficient field upgradeability. The extended 2-year calibration cycle and 3-year warranty decreases cost of ownership.

The ability to perform tests in a wide variety of access media (fiber (FTTx, RFoG), Ethernet, IP video, SIP VoIP) lowers the capital investment required to empower techs to troubleshoot and verify performance. The included Sweepless Sweep™ allows sweep testing of remote PHY systems using just the active carriers.

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Video Assistance: OneExpert CATV Introduction

Review the basic functions and advantages the OneExpert CATV Sweep and Plant Maintenance System provides.

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