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Televes is a leading global company focused in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for distributing telecommunication services throughout the infrastructures of buildings and homes.

The company is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where it keeps its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Televes believes in delivering superior quality products through an exquisite manufacturing process.

Today, Televes is much more than a leading brand. Televes is formed by more than 20 industrial and services subsidiaries, over 800 employees and holds more than 200 Industrial Property registers (European Patents, National Patents and Utility Models).

Products range from antennas to professional analysers and portable meters, vanguard head-ends, robust amplifiers to complete distribution and switching components.  From solutions for unifying multimedia services in the home to cables, connectors and outlets.

Televes Products

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H30D3 Digital Processing Handheld QAM Meter
w/ DOCSIS 3.0

vendor P/N: H30D3

A light weight, rugged unit, packed with all the features needed to install and trouble shoot a television system using QAM digital modulation as well as NTSC analog signals and Docsis 3.0.

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H30 Digital Processing
Handheld QAM Meter

vendor P/N: H30

Go to meter for installation, remote monitoring, or troubleshooting DOCSIS 3.0, digital and analog cable TV networks, onsite or remotely. Rugged, light-weight, and extremely easy to use.

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H60 Handheld
Digital Processing 3.3 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer

vendor P/N: H30D3

The fastest and most precise handheld meter in the world designed to obtain all the information from the incoming signal in an instant.

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