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Technetix TeleWire Supply

Technetix was incorporated in 1990, initially focused on both cable and satellite television equipment. Quickly identifying the potential in the cable market, they demonstrated their key strength of providing the market with customer-led innovations for the headend, access network and in-home environments.

Technetix now offers a complete line of DOCSIS 3.1 Taps and Line Passives compatible with the most important formats including Regal, Motorola, and SA. The DOCSIS 3.1 new broadband spec presents unprecedented benefits for cable operators, featuring gigabit download and upload speeds, higher bandwidth capacity, greater operational efficiencies, improved quality control, and lower costs.

The DOCSIS 3.1 spec includes backward compatibility with DOCSIS 3.0, a most important factor for the industry's rollout plans, and further, DOCSIS 3.1 extends the life of the cable industry's entrenched HFC network, and even further, mitigating immediate upgrade to fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks.

Technetix DOCSIS 3.1 Feature Products

Regal Narrow and Wide Body Compatible
2-way / 4-way / 8-way Outdoor Taps:


Compatible with the RMT2004 series taps, mechanically identical in shape, with tap values accordingly. All taps feature sealed female F-ports for drop cable connection on the faceplate and 5/8”-24 NEF-female ports for input and output cable connection on the housing.

Regal Style 1.2 GHz 15 Amp Line Passives:

OSRXU Outdoor Splitters
ODCRXU Directional Couplers
ODPIRXU Power Inserters

DOCSIS 3.1 compliant, 1.2 GHz Line Passives

Compatible with Regal Line Passives

Excellent RF and hum modulation performance

Designed for extreme environmental conditions

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