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Sensors & Software Inc. is recognized worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) instrumentation and software. Sensors & Software Inc. was formed in 1988 to commercialize the pulseEKKO® GPR technology, technology initially developed for geological applications during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The pioneering pulseEKKO® Systems represented a major shift from conventional GPR at the time and opened opportunities for GPR in a wide variety of areas not previously deemed practical. Now in its fourth generation, pulseEKKO® systems remain the product of choice for GPR operators working at the cutting-edge of developments.

Knet microducts

The company has developed GPR systems for numerous applications, including structural assessment, mining and quarrying, utility locating, forensics, archaeology, geology, environmental assessment, glaciology, agriculture, and UXO detection. Their GPR products come in a variety of practical configurations and have intuitive user interfaces to ensure optimal data collection and performance.

Sensors & Software manufacturers a number application-focused GPR systems, including CONQUEST® 100 for concrete scanning, LMX® for utility-locating. All systems are easy-to-use with rugged, weatherproof assemblies and are built on low-power, compact, and trail-blazing digital electronics. The subsurface images from the GPR systems appear in real-time and can be recorded digitally for review or post-processing.

Software is a major part of all of Sensors & Software Inc.’s activities and we develop all our GPR data analysis software in-house. Our state of the art EKKO_Project™ software makes complex GPR analysis easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data. Powerful visualization, assessment and integration tools allow you to quickly and easily produce impressive reports.

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LMX® GPR Overview

LMX® Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems are designed and optimized for utility locating, making it easy to add GPR to your locating workflow, complimenting traditional pipe and cable locators. LMX GPR systems detect both shallow and deep targets simultaneously and quickly display the results on the display unit in the field.

Sensors & Software

GPR offers a safe method to locate underground utilities that include natural gas lines, oil and gas pipelines, cable television, fiber optics, national telecommunication lines, electricity distribution, traffic lights, street lights and all associated buried infrastructure in all forms.

LMX® Products

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GPR Locate & Mark® Underground Utility

The most affordable GPR utility locating tool to Locate & Mark utilities in the field with its intuitive user interface, rugged and lightweight design.

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GPR Utility Locating Equipment

The premier GPR tool for locating professionals, the premier GPR tool for locating professionals, featuring all the capabilities of the LMX100™ plus additional in-field capabilities.

Concrete Scanning

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Conquest® 100
Concrete Scanner

Gain accurate insights of objects below the concrete surface, even on a curved surface or column.

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