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Effigis is a leader in innovative geospatial solutions for the telecommunications industry, improving overall network quality, efficiency, and longevity. With relentless research and development, they provide and support optimization of deployment and management of the network technology using georeferenced data.

Recognized for the excellence and flexibility of its solutions, the company has gained the confidence of a large international clientele. Technological innovation is at the heart of Effigis’ business strategy.

Effigis products include an array of independent leakage and ingress detection solutions designed to address the needs and challenges presented in the field as needed allowing you to develop your own monitoring system based on your requirements.

Effigis Products

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Continuous Monitoring System

vendor P/N: CPAT

CPAT FLEX is a leakage and ingress monitoring solution for the cable distribution network based on an open-platform, modular and scalable design. Based on GPS technologies.

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DRV3 Portable
Digital Leakage Detector

vendor P/N: DRV3

The DRV3 is a portable signal leakage detection meter designed to operate in all-digital and hybrid cable networks as a portable find-and-fix meter plus a monitoring probe on the CPAT FLEX system.

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DRV3 Lite Portable
Digital Leakage Detector

vendor P/N: DRV3Lite

The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band signal leakage detection meter designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks. This is is your all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter.

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ARD4 Mobile
Control Module

vendor P/N: ARD4

The ARD4 is the central control module of the CPAT FLEX system. It handles GPS positioning, real-time event recording and wireless communications. With its open Linux operating system, the ARD4 platform is also a versatile mobile wireless communication hub.

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ITX2 Portable Ingress
Transmission Device

vendor P/N: ITX2

The ITX2 Portable Ingress Transmission Device is a portable radio transmitter used as a mobile find-and-fix tool that precisely locates ingress problems with a continuous transmission of ingress test signal.

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IRX1 Ingress Monitoring / Headend-based Receiver

vendor P/N: IRX1

The IRX1 Ingress Monitoring / Headend-based Receiver detects, measures, and localizes the return path test signals transmitted by the ITX2 on a continuous basis across the entire network.

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