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Berntsen International, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of survey markers, survey monuments, utility markers, and related accessories. Berntsen has been "Marking the Infrastructure of the World" since its founding in 1972 by Phillip Peterson and Peter Berntsen.

Today Berntsen has a product line of more than 1,000 markers, monuments and identification products for Surveying, Utilities, Construction, and Parks & Recreation. They also specialize in one-of-a-kind markers custom made for specific projects. Berntsen product innovation also includes multiple patents.

Berntsen markers are used by many of the world's governments, and by infrastructure specialists everywhere, as the underpinnings of GIS/LIS networks, transportation systems, boundary mapping, construction references, seismic monitoring networks, and anywhere else stable position is required. Customers include Alliant Energy, Google, Westpoint Military Academy, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Institute of Tropical Forestry, and many, many more.

Berntsen Products

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Deep 1 Magnets


Berntsen DEEP-1 magnetic markers are the standard of underground location. Hundreds of thousands of these magnetic markers are in use in virtually all of industry and government.

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Schonstedt Locators


Utility pipe & cable tools for locating underground utilities including cable TV lines, fiber optic lines, gas lines, irrigation lines, tracer wire, power lines, streetlight wiring, water lines and sewer lines.

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InfraMarker® System


State of the art integration of RFID technology, magnetic locating technology, cloud data storage and mobile software to locate and manage underground utility infrastructure.

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