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CI-1100 Connector Inspector

Eye-safe, portable video microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination

vendor P/N: CI-1100

Lightel CI-1100 Connector Inspector

The eye-safe CI-1100 Connector Inspector is a portable video microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination. The handheld probe design makes it easy for users to inspect both patchcords and hard-to-reach in-adapter connectors.

The CI-1100-A2 package includes a folding LCD monitor, 4 inspection tips, a charger/adapter, and a carrying case. An optional USB adapter is also available for the capture of images on a PC. Lightel offers a large variety of adapter tips, allowing you to view almost any connector in any location.


• Optional USB add-on for image capture or Pass/Fail analysis on a PC
• 3.5” fold-up monitor provides easy viewing in a compact package
• Quick and easy focus
• Ideal for inspecting both patchcords and adapter bulkhead connectors

Specifications / Probe

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• Magnification: 400X (w/9” monitor)
• Field of View: ~425µm x 320µm (standard) ~640µm x 480µm (lower magnification option)
• Resolution: 0.5µm detectable
• Focus; Manual adjustment, 2mm max travel
• Light Source: Blue LED
• Dimensions: 35mm diameter x 175mm length (without tip)
• Weight: 200g

Specifications / Monitor

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• Display: 3.5” TFT-LCD, 960 x 240px Adjustable brightness and contrast
• Dimensions: 105mm x 90mm x 45mm (folded)
• Weight: 255g (without battery)
• Power Supply: 9.6V battery pack or AC power supply
• Battery Life: 4 hours
• Charger/AC Adapter: US, EU, UK, and Australian versions available
• Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC
• Storage Temperature: -20ºC to 70ºC

Key Options

• USB2.0 Adapter Use the CI-1100 probe to view, capture, and store images on a Windows® PC

• ConnectorView Plus Software Pass/Fail analytical and reporting software for a Windows® PC

• “Hot” Fiber Filter Inspect live fiber connectors. Useable to at least 20dBm. (higher power would not damage the unit, but may not provide useful images)

• Tip Adapter Use and CI-1100 tip with the CI-1100

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CI-1100-A2 Package

• 1 Probe (CI-1100)
• 1 LCD monitor
• 1 Rechargeable battery pack (inside LCD monitor)
• 1 AC power adapter/battery charger
• 1 Universal 2.5mm tip for PC type male connectors
• 1 Universal 1.25mm tip for PC type male connectors
• 1 Tip for SC/PC and FC/PC type female connectors
• 1 Tip for LC/PC type female connectors
• 1 Tip box
• 1 Carrying case

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