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S178A-V2 Fusion Splicer

Updated to enhance its combination of speed, precision, durability and portability in one state-of-the-art unit

vendor P/N: S178A-V2

Fitel S178A-V2 Fusion Splicer

The S178A Hand-Held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer is fast and durable, delivering precise and accurate splices even under rigorous field conditions and enhanced and updated to Version 2.

The battery is automatically charged internally when connected to AC mains power even during operation. The new illumination lamp lights up a wide area around the V-grooves and helps operation in low light environment. The redesigned and strengthened heater simplifies the protection sleeve loading process.

The S178A is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications including FTTx, LAN, backbone, enterprise, long-haul installations, data-center and OEM.

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Features and Applications

The S178A is equipped with a core alignment system that can complete a splice in 7 seconds (semiauto mode) and an integrated heater which can shrink a protection sleeve in 25 seconds (pre-heat mode). The USB 2.0 mini interface speeds up PC communication and image / video transfer, while enhancing reliability.

Although significantly smaller and lighter in weight than previous models, its canopy design, durable metal body frame and rubber protection corners provide robust protection. This enables splicing performance in demanding environments without compromise.

An internal battery system allows up to 200 splicing cycles (splicing/heating) and a mirror-free alignment system reduces maintenance work.

New Key Features

• Internal battery charging

• Illumination lamp lights up a wide area around V-grooves

• User friendly LCD display offers 4 different X/Y image layouts

• Simplified splice result indicator red / green icon

• Simplified program fusion and heater programming

• Improved GUI enhancing ease-of-use

Standard package

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Literature & Technical Specifications

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