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DRV3 Lite Portable Digital Leakage Detector

Designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks

vendor P/N: DRV3LITE

The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band signal leakage detection meter designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks. The DRV3 Lite is your all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter.

Effigis DRV3 Light Portable Leakage Detector

It can operate in “system modeˮ, detecting leakage carriers produced from the DSG1 signal generator located at the head-end location or operate in “pressure testˮ mode, detecting high-level carriers generated by the DSG1 Lite. Using a single-button, the technician can switch from “systemˮ to “pressureˮ test mode. Using a Bluetooth connection, the DRV3 Lite can also connect to third-party devices such as cellular phones, tablets, etc.


• High performance find-and-fix leakage meter and signal generator

• Dual-mode leakage detection (system test / pressure test)

• System test detects the 2 DSG1 carriers generated from the Head-end

• Pressure test detects 2 carriers (125 / 600 MHz) generated from the DSG1 Lite

• Real-time RF level display of dual-frequencies in split-screen

• Bluetooth connectivity to third party devices (cellular phone, tablets, etc.)

DSG1 Lite

The DSG1 Lite is a dual-band signal generator which inserts a high level signal into the drop cable to locate “hard-to-find” leaks.

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