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DRV3 Portable Leakage Detector

Portable dual-band leakage detector for all-digital networks

vendor P/N: DRV3

The DRV3 is a portable signal leakage detection meter designed to operate in all-digital and hybrid cable networks. It operates as a portable find-and-fix meter and as a monitoring probe when part of the CPAT FLEX system.

Effigis DRV3 Dual-band Portable Leakage Detector

The DRV3 has a rugged housing and is easy to use. It is an indispensable tool that will enable your teams to make repairs more effectively. It can also be integrated into the CPAT FLEX system for automated detection.

Leakage in all-digital networks
The DRV3 is your all-digital leakage monitoring and portable find-and-fix meter. With its dual-tuner design, the DRV3 simultaneously detects leakage in the Mid-band and in the LTE-band.

Overbuild networks
The DRV3/DSG1 can be configured to use AM tag signature to discriminate between overbuild networks.

Easy configuration
Your DRV2 meter can be configured via our PC-based DRV2 configuration software or front panel buttons.

Scalable solution
The DRV3 can be used in every vehicle as a find-and-fix leakage repair meter or as a leakage monitoring receiver when connected to the ARD4 recording device. Using the ARD4/DRV3 package as a leakage monitoring/repair system gives you a flexible, cost-effective solution for your cable leakage control program of your all-digital networks.

DRV3 Features

• High performance find-and-fix leakage meter for all-digital systems
• Fully agile from 118-140 MHz (Mid-band) and from 572-960 MHz (LTE-band)
• Patent pending technology using low level digital carrier
• No MER/BER impairment to adjacent QAM carriers
• Locates leakage in overbuild cable plants
• Based on our CPAT FLEX leakage monitoring system technology

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