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Complete solution for digital/analog cable leakage and ingress monitoring functions on one system platform

vendor P/N: CPATFLEX


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CPAT FLEX Continuous Monitoring System is a leakage and ingress monitoring solution based on an open-platform, modular and scalable design. It is the most comprehensive broadband cable network leakage and ingress monitoring platform.


With it, operators can retain the quality of their networks, while enhancing efficiency of maintenance operations. The system can automatically detect cable leakage, ingress and vehicle position in all types of networks, all-digital, hybrid or strictly analog plants. It is designed as a fully automatic mobile system that monitors the network while your technicians are performing their daily work routine.

Each module is independent, so you can develop your own monitoring system based on your requirements. Effigis is already working on creating new modules that will meet the needs of tomorrow’s networks and technology.

System Architecture

The CPAT FLEX System architecture is composed of the following:
• Vehicle-based modules;
• Headend-based equipment;
• CPAT Web-based application service.

The sophisticated CPAT service is designed to provide all the monitoring functions and reports required to efficiently manage your leakage/ingress control program and vehicle fleet.

The CPAT FLEX vehicle-based modules and headend-based equipment are selected according to the operator’s monitoring requirement, which includes digital/analog leakage, cable ingress and automatic vehicle location (AVL).

The application will also allow you to create and dispatch work orders using the repair ticketing function. The CPAT application service can be interfaced to any third party workforce management or ticketing application.

The CPAT Web-based service will locate and map monitored events on a digital mapping system with optimized coverage for the operator’s geographical area. You can access your results over the Internet using a standard Web browser enabled device.

Monitoring Functionality and Module Requirements

Distinctive Benefits of CPAT FLEX

• Egress/ingress continuous patrol drive outs
/ Increases technician’s productivity
• Monitoring services/tools all under same CPAT web application
/ Improves visibility on network issues
• CPAT Mobile application functionalities
/ Provides real-time plant status/ informed decision process
• Ingress monitoring functionality
/ Accelerates upstream ingress repair time (avg. of 53 minutes)
/ Reduces service calls (min./max. reduction was 12%/14%)
/ Reduces severely damaged modem-hours (94% reduction)
• Platform engineered to avoid technological obsolescence
/ Compatible with DOCSIS 3.1 and R-PHY
• Web service API interface with your WFM system
/ Integrates CPAT into your job assignment system
• Splunk Enterprise data analysis application
/ Sends alarms when CPAT equipment is not responding

CPAT FLEX modules

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DRV3 Portable Digital Leakage Detector

vendor P/N: DRV3

The DRV3 is a portable signal leakage detection meter designed to operate in all-digital and hybrid cable networks as a portable find-and-fix meter plus a monitoring probe on the CPAT FLEX system.

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DRV3 Lite Portable Digital Leakage Detector

vendor P/N: DRV3Lite

The DRV3 Lite is a portable dual-band signal leakage detection meter designed to operate as a find-and-fix meter for all digital and hybrid cable networks. This is is your all-digital leakage portable find-and-fix meter. .

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ARD4 Mobile Control Module

vendor P/N: ARD4

The ARD4 is the central control module of the CPAT FLEX system. It handles GPS positioning, real-time event recording and wireless communications. With its open Linux operating system, the ARD4 platform is also a versatile mobile wireless communication hub.

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ITX2 Portable Ingress
Transmission Device

vendor P/N: ITX2

The ITX2 Portable Ingress Transmission Device is a portable radio transmitter used as a mobile find-and-fix tool that precisely locates ingress problems with a continuous transmission of ingress test signal.

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IRX1 Ingress Monitoring / Headend-based Receiver

vendor P/N: ARD4

The IRX1 Ingress Monitoring / Headend-based Receiver detects, measures, and localizes the return path test signals transmitted by the ITX2 on a continuous basis across the entire network.

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