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ARD4 Mobile Control Module

The control centre of the CPAT FLEX system managing GPS positioning in real time, plus the recording of event and wireless communications

vendor P/N: ARD4

Effigis ARD4 Mobile Control Module

The ARD4 is the central control module of the CPAT FLEX System. It handles GPS positioning, real-time event recording and wireless communications. With its open Linux operating system, the ARD4 platform is also a versatile mobile wireless communication hub.

Installed in the operator’s service/maintenance vehicle on the network, the ARD4 is a powerful mobile wireless communication hub that records and transmits events (leakage, ingress, position, etc.). The ARD4 wireless options and communication ports provide all the flexibility required to configure your mobile communication setup.

ARD4 Features

• Records and manages data events in real-time mode (leakage, ingress, etc.)
• Vehicle communication hub with flexible configuration options
• WiFi, GPRS, CDMA and HSDPA communication modules
• Accepts other CPAT FLEX add-on modules for increased monitoring capability
• Operates without any user intervention

Monitoring Modules

The ARD4 interfaces to the CPAT FLEX add-on modules such as the DRV3 digital leakage receiver, and the ITX2 ingress transmitter through a series of dedicated connectors. It is totally autonomous and starts recording as soon as the vehicle starts up. Recorded data is uploaded to a central CPAT server using a WiFi connection or one of the real-time wireless communication options. When no wireless connection is available, the ARD4 will store up to 3 weeks of continuous recording in its memory.

Wireless Communication Options

The ARD4 can be equipped with one the following internal telecommunication options: WiFi; CDMA; GPRS; HSDPA. The ARD4 wireless options and communication ports allow multiple configuration options that will meet any mobile communication requirements. For example, the ARD4 Ethernet port could be used to upload the recorded data using a MoFi router equipped with a cellular card. Otherwise, the ARD4 equipped with a wireless option could be used to connect a laptop to the Internet. The ARD4’s flexibility allows you to use only one cellular connection for all your vehicle-based communications.

On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II)

The main function of the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) option is to provide vehicle diagnostic data and alarms to ensure proper vehicle operation. Monitored OBD-II parameters are speed, engine coolant temperature and a series of user selectable digital trouble codes (DCT). An alarm is generated for system administrators when user-defined parameters are exceeded.

Dead-Reckoning (DR)

The Dead-Reckoning (DR) option is required for operators working in high- density urban areas where GPS reception is marginal due to physical obstructions. Using the DR module will greatly diminish GPS location errors in poor GPS reception areas and provide accurate vehicle and leakage/ingress event locations.

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