H30D3 Digital Processing Handheld QAM Meter w/ DOCSIS 3.0


Introducing the H30D3.

New from Televes, a go-to meter designed with the needs of a Cable TV operator in mind. The H30D3 is a light weight, rugged unit, packed with all the features needed to install and trouble shoot a television system using QAM digital modulation as well as NTSC analog signals and Docsis 3.0.

This handy little unit is even inexpensive enough to leave in your headend and use its unique in its class remote measurement and control capabilities to provide long term monitoring or to trouble shoot those hard to find, intermittent problems. Available for the first time in such a portable and affordable package, its real time digital processing engine gives the installers the lab-precision measurements needed in today’s fulfillment environment.

Optional features:
593201 - H30 Protective Case
593210 - H30 MPEG Service Info Option
593211 - H30 IP Connectivity Test Option

H30D3 Reference Card

H30D3 Docsis Menu Mini-Video


  • Docsis 3.0
  • User friendly, handheld QAM meter
  • Complete portfolio of Analog/Digital measurements with easy-to-read pass/fail indicators
  • Quick and easy to use interfacewith features such as Channel measurements, System Scans, Tilt Function, Constellation Diagram, Spectrum Analyzer, Voltmeter, Hum, Service Identification, Datalogger, and more
  • Rugged, light weight, fully automatic, fast, and accurate
  • Automatic over-the-cloud software updates
  • 100% automatic ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C parameter detection and measurement with no setup needed
  • 1 GHz spectrum rangewith selectable frequency or channel tuning
  • Real-time digital processing technology
  • Fast, lab-quality precision measurements



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