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InfraMarker® System

Mark, map, manage your underground infrastructure with RFID


Berntsen InfraMarker® System

Fast and secure, the InfraMarker System combines RFID enabled magnetic tags, UHF readers, cloud data management services, geo-locating software to mark, locate, and manage underground assets. Built to support all subsurface systems such as gas, electric, sewer, water, fiber-optic, and cable, or virtually any kind of facility asset, the InfraMarker System offers a unique solution to underground and above ground asset management.

InfraMarker Benefits

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Marking underground assets is easier, faster and more reliable than ever. The InfraMarker System offers:
• Small, light-weight UHF readers
• Single frequency to read & write tags
• Unlimited cloud data storage & access
• Secured, multi-level access
• Free smartphone app

The InfraMarker System Component Options

TSL 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

A small hand held, lightweight device designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF tags. It communicates with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology. Equipped with an Impinj R2000 core and range of interchangeable high performance antennas, the 1128 provides the highest levels of flexibility available. It is powered by a interchangeable and rechargeable 4.2 volt, 2200 mAh, lithium polymer battery pack.  An external battery charger and cradle for a Samsung S5/S4 smartphone* is also included.

TSL 1128 RFID Reader/ Writer Includes:

(1) TSL 1128 Body
(1) TSL 1128 Handle
(1) TSL 1128 Antenna
(1) Rechargeable Battery
(1) Holster
(1) Wall Charger
(1) Charger Cable
(4) International Electric Adaptors
(1) Pelican Protective Carrying Case

Trimble Juno T41 XRG IP68 Reader

Trimble’s Juno Reader with pre-loaded InfraMarker software connects to Samsung mobile devices loaded with InfraMarker’s mobile app to read and write tags within a two-foot proximity.

Using an RFID antenna, GPS, and ThingMagic firmware, the T41 allows users to read and write tags from the palm of their hands.

InfraMarker-enabled™ RFID tags

InfraMarker subsurface RFID tags are currently available in five styles that vary in size, weight, sensitivity and performance. These tags were designed to withstand harsh, subsurface environments while being very sensitive to enable deep subsurface tag query.
InfraMarker underground RFID tags are Omni manufactured passive, Class 1 Gen 2 standard RFID tags, with attached stainless steel backing plates and magnets (patent pending). The tags have been selected and tested by InfraMarker to deliver the best performance for underground reading using UHF and all are enabled with magnets for easy locating.

InfraMarker 4.0 Smartphone App

Unique assets can be created in a matter of seconds using customized templates, user friendly data collector fields, and automated geo-locating functionality.

Users can now be invited to access other projects. You can switch between these different accounts on your phone to add or edit information for another user.

Using Bluetooth technology, the UHF reader is quickly linked to your phone allowing you to read and write information to your RFID tag.

With data filtering and search tools, you can specify which assets or types of assets you wish to view, either as points on a map or in an organized list.

Each asset that is created has the ability to provide directions to the asset on your phone by using the "navigate to asset" tool.

InfraMarker® allows you to view documents and web links that have been uploaded to an asset as well as add photos and videos right from your phone.

InfraMarker RFID System: Installing an RFID Tag / Video

Review the Technetix video which illustrates how and why the InfraMarker System facilitates easier, faster, and more reliable asset marking.

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