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Deep 1 Magnets

The standard of underground location for industry and government.


Berntsen Deep 1 Magnets

DEEP-1 markers take chance out of equation in marking and mapping underground locations. For example, a buried PVC (gas, water, sewer, etc.) pipeline or plastic phone duct are presented and there’s need to find a "T" "Y" or stub. With a DEEP-1, no time is wasted hooking up for a tone test set. No need to worry that a tracer tape or wire is broken. Search the area with a Schonstedt magnetic locator you can find the exact spot you need.

Function benefits

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The DEEP-1 can mark anything...even a hole in the ground. Major mineral exploration companies use the DEEP-1 magnetic marker to re-locate test borings.

The colorful plastic case can even be stamped with data in the field and data recorded on the maps for future reference. Fast recovery assures mining operations begin at the proper location.

The DEEP-1 consists of a high-strength, permanent magnetic material in a rugged polyethylene color-coded case and can be located up to 10 feet (3.05m).

The DEEP-1 Magnetic Underground Marker for Utilities is available in five colors, which represent the various color designations for the different types of utilities (as established by the Underground Service Alert (U.S. Center) and the American Public Works Association (APWA).

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